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Story Book


Karen created Crafty Ponies story book after requests from mums.

Their children were cuddling their Crafty Ponies when they went to bed and the mums asked if Karen would write a story book that they could read to their children when they went to bed.

This is the story book and in true Crafty Ponies style it is colorful, fun and following the adventures of Pippa and Crafty the children will learn (although they will not even know they are being taught!) about the preparation for a show, the different events and the importance of rewarding the pony and not taking all the glory for yourself!


Children can learn and practice

Children can learn about the preparation for a horse show, different competitions at a show, rewarding the pony and not taking all the glory for yourself when you are successful.


A4 size, 24 page fully illustrated booklet.


Booklet packed in A4 bag not including header L - 12”30 cm W - 8 1/2” 21cm Weight 13g

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