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Show Jump Set


Crafty Ponies show jump set is a great entertainment for when you cannot get outside.

Have a competition with your family or friends.... or just on your own!

First you make a show jumping course and then try to get around the course clear!

The one with the least faults wins, just like in a real competition.

The fully illustrated instructional booklet helps children to learn about showjumping


Children can learn and practice

Children can learn what course builders do and can draw their own course on the sheet provided.

They can make up the jumps from their own bean tins wrapped around with the colorful card in the set.

They thread 3 of the poles through the jump fillers and the other 3 poles are wrapped with the striped paper supplied.

Children can learn how to fill in the judges sheet.

All these activities help children develop manual dexterity, creativity and imagination


The set contains 6 poles, 3 jump fillers, 3 wing wraps, 2 course builders sheets, 2 score sheets, 1 dice, an A5 size 8 page, fully illustrated instruction booklet.


Show jump set packed in A4 bag not including header L - 12” 30cm W - 8 1/4” 21cm D - 1” 2.5 cm Weight 34g

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