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Dressage Arena


This double sided Dressage Arena vinyl mat helps children to learn dressage shapes in a unique and fun way!

On one side is a scaled down arena with colored hoof prints showing the shapes.

On the other side the arena is plain for children to practice what they have learned!

Children can also draw on the arena with soft chalk and it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The fully illustrated instructional booklet helps children to learn about dressage


Children can learn and practice

Children can learn where the markers are in an arena, understand a little more about what dressage is and learn some of the dressage shapes.

Children can chalk over the shapes to get an understanding of them and then turn the mat over and try to draw the shapes with chalk on the plain side!

Children can practice the dressage test included in the booklet or practice another dressage test, either drawing it out in chalk or tracing it with their finger or even taking their Crafty Ponies around the arena!

Playing with the Crafty Ponies Dressage Arena helps children to develop in knowledge and imagination


Double sided vinyl dressage mat. A5 size 8 page fully illustrated instruction booklet.


Arena laid flat L - 39 1/2” 100cm W - 19 1/2” 50cm Weight 30g

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