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Crafty Ponies stable is lightweight and folds easily for storage.

The roof comes off and turns over to become a lovely green field, the stable mat comes out and turns over to become a dressage arena with markers!

The stable is large enough to accommodate several ponies and their tack and accessories to help keep everything safe and tidy


Children can learn and practice

Children can learn and practice putting their Crafty Pony in and out of the stable and field.

Children can learn the markers on the dressage arena and where they are.

Putting everything away into the stable after playing helps children to be tidy and organized.

Creative role play helps to develop confidence, skill and manual dexterity


Grey stable, yellow stable mat/dressage arena, green field/red roof


Folded size 54cm x 54cm x 11cm Full size 54cm x 44cm x 52cm high. Weight 770g

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