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Skewbald Pony


Crafty Ponies are gorgeous soft toy ponies

correctly proportioned - within reason for a soft toy!


We have made Crafty Ponies like this so that Crafty Ponies tack and accessories (available separately) fit Crafty Pony similar to how real tack fits real ponies.

Children can learn and practice

Crafty Ponies manes and tails are made from cotton so that they are non slip and children can plait them. The tail is sewn onto a dock so that children can practice plaiting tails. Instructions for plaiting manes and tails are at the back of the passport booklet that comes with the pony.

Remember to pick up a bag of plaiting bands from your local retailer!


We make all Crafty Ponies and their tack and accessories as realistic as possible to help children learn how it all looks, works and fits.


Imaginative role play is a valuable benefit of Crafty Ponies. Crafty Ponies are made from luxuriously soft fur fabric which makes them irresistibly cuddly.


Every Crafty Pony comes with his own passport booklet which is full of useful information to help children learn how to care for their pony!


Height to the top of the head - 10.5” 27cm Length nose to tail - 16“ 21cm Maximum width across chest/ hindquarters - 6” 15cm Weight - 14 oz 400g Booklet - A4 113/4” 30cm x 81/4” 21cm Weight 8g

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