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Driving Harness


Children can enjoy learning about the driving harness with this detailed and fully functioning Crafty Ponies driving harness set.

All the parts of a ‘real’ pony driving pony harness are included with the exeption of the driving bridle.

We have included detachable blinkers which fasten to your own Crafty Ponies bridle The fully illustrated instructional booklet helps children to learn about the driving harness


Children can learn and practice

Children can learn all the parts of the driving harness, how to put the driving harness on and off.

How to take the driving harness apart and put it all back together.

Putting the driving harness onto Crafty Pony helps children develop in manual dexterity and confidence.


Black synthetic driving harness - Blinkers, Breast collar with traces, Crupper, Saddle, Reins, Breeching, Belly band, Girth. A4 size, 8 page fully illustrated instruction booklet.


Driving harness packed in A4 bag not including header L - 11 1/2” 30cm W - 8 1/2” 21cm D - 1 1/4” 3cm Weight 17g

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