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Lunge Set


Children can lunge their Crafty Ponies with this replica lunge cavesson and lunge line.

The lunge cavesson has three rings on the noseband to attach the lunge line to, the lunge line has a spring clip just like a ‘real’ lunge line.

The fully illustrated instructional booklet helps children to learn about lungeing


Children can learn and practice

Children can learn the parts of the lunge set, fitting the lunge cavesson and attaching the lunge line.

Fitting the lunge set to their Crafty Pony helps to develop children's manual dexterity, and imagination


Black lunge cavesson, black lunge line. A5 size, 8 page fully illustrated instruction booklet.


Lunge set packed in A5 bag not including header L - 81/4” 21 cm W - 6” 15cm D - 3/4” 2cm Weight 8g

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