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Leg Wraps


Crafty Ponies leg wraps come in a set of four and are made from fleece fabric with a velcro fastening.

Please note that the velcro fastening may vary from the type of fastening shown here but both types of fastening are similar to velcro fastenings on ‘real’ ponies leg wraps!

The instructional booklet helps children to learn about leg wraps


Children can learn and practice

Children can learn how to put leg wraps on and off and how to roll them up neatly ready for use.

Rolling up and putting on the leg wraps helps to develop children's manual dexterity


A set of four leg wraps and A5 size, 8 page fully illustrated instruction booklet. Colors: Red, Blue


4 x leg wraps packed in A5 bag not including header L - 81/4” 21 cm W - 6” 15cm D - 3/4” 2cm Weight 7g

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