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Show Rug Set


Children can have fun dressing up their

Crafty Ponies in this smart Show Rug Set.

The black fleece rug and poll guard are bound with

gold braid for a glittering effect, the tail bag keeps

Crafty Ponies tail clean whilst traveling and the

travel boots help to protect his legs in the trailer

or horse box.

Please note that the poll guard fastens to Crafty Ponies

headcollar which is NOT included in the set.

The fully illustrated instruction booklet helps children to learn

about all the items in this gorgeous set!


Children can learn and practice

Children can learn why ponies sometimes use items like these when traveling to a show.

They can learn and practice putting the travel boots on the legs correctly, how to put the tail bag on and fitting the poll guard.

They can practice putting the rug on and off and fastening the cross surcingles and fillet string correctly.

All the different activities with this set help to develop children's manual dexterity


Black fleece rug with gold braid, cross surcingles and fillet string, poll guard trimmed with gold braid, fully lined travel boot set (4 boots) with velcro fastenings, tail bag, A5 size, 12 page instruction booklet.


Show rug set packed in bag not including header L - 8 1/2” 22 cm W - 7 1/2” 19cm D - 2” 5cm Weight 7.5g 16.5g

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