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Vet Suture Kit


Children can role play being vet or vet nurse if Crafty needs a few stitches putting into a cut leg (broken seam!)

The booklet, written and checked by vets explains how a vet stitches a real pony’s cut leg and the clear diagrams show the equipment used.

The set includes a syringe for ‘injecting’ Crafty Pony with sedative/anti tetanus/antibiotics, gauze swabs for cleaning the wound, a needle and thread and scissors to stitch the cut, finally a ‘vet wrap’ bandage for putting over the wound to keep it clean.

The fully illustrated instructional booklet helps children to learn about stitching (suturing) a cut on a pony


Children can learn and practice

Children can learn how a vet sutures (stitches) a cut on a pony.

Children can role play with their Crafty Pony, this can help children to understand and be less concerned if their real pony (or even Crafty Pony!) gets a wound.

Creative role play helps to develop confidence, skill and manual dexterity.


Hospital quality gauze, syringe and ‘vet wrap bandage’. School quality safety scissors, needle and thread. A5 size, 8 page fully illustrated instruction booklet.


packed in A5 bag not including header L - 81/4” 21 cm W - 6” 15cm D - 3/4” 2cm Weight 7g

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